MEET THE TEAM: Fleet Account Manager, Connor Battersby

April 13, 2021

Connor Battersby may be the ‘new guy’ here at Torque Toyota Albion, but he’s certainly no stranger to the automotive industry!

Connor joined us from Toowoomba Toyota in January, and as our new Fleet Account Manager, it already feels like he’s been here forever. From his expertise in business fleet, to his cheeky new ritual of wishing our Retail team (who of course work Saturdays) a ‘great weekend’ when he leaves on a Friday – we don’t know how we ever lived without him!

We sat down with Connor to hear more about what he does, and to grab his tips for those guests looking to secure fleet vehicles for their businesses.

Hi Connor! Tell us a bit about what you do at Torque Toyota?

Connor: I take care of business fleet enquiry to purchase new Toyotas. Depending on the number of vehicles a business purchases, they will be eligible for fleet discounts that I can use to help secure them a really great deal. I also quote vehicles to fleet management organisations such as Remserv & Maxxia, Smart Leasing and Summit Leasing groups.

What are your top tips for our business guests looking to make fleet purchases?


1. Speak with your accountant regarding the spend limit your business should make.

2. Make sure the vehicle is fit for purpose. Certain upgrades and safety modifications might be required, and in most cases it’s ideal to have these completed prior to registration. It is also important to consider changes to the business that could affect the future suitability of your vehicle – Think of tomorrow as well as today.

3. You want to make sure you get the best resale possible. The Toyota commercial range are leading examples in terms of resale on used car markets. Consider ceramic protections, rust proofing and tinting to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and increase the resale.

4. Talk to a business manager about finance options from Toyota Financial Services that are tailored to suit your business needs.

5. Consider how to personalise your vehicle. Decal and signage can be arranged prior to delivery so that your new business asset is ready for the road ahead, the moment you pick it up.

6. Consider the benefits of a Toyota Hybrid Vehicle for your fleet.

7. Come and speak to the Fleet team at Torque Toyota for a cracker deal!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Connor: The team at Torque have been really welcoming and it’s been easy to settle in. I’ve been enjoying the fast pace of the dealership and look forward to achieving the goals we are putting in place.

Tell us a bit about yourself! What was your first job?

Connor: Customer service at KFC Clayfield.

What was your first car?

Connor: A Ford laser, can’t remember exactly what year, maybe ’99.

What car do you drive now? Why do you love it?

Connor: I drive a Hilux – what’s not to love!? I’d have to say that this vehicle purely is lifestyle-based and allows my dog and I to get out and about over weekends or go off on camping trips with my mates.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Connor: I like to go fishing and spend my time at the beach when possible. I also have started practicing my Asian cuisine cooking skills and have been spending a bit more time in the kitchen.

Do you have a secret talent?

Connor: I can talk fast enough to probably have a career as a professional race caller. Melbourne Cup, here I come! It took me a whole year of practicing talking slowly to get to a point where people didn’t ask me to slow down. It’s a reserved talent from now on.

Thank you, Connor! So, if you’re in the mood for a chat, you know who to grab next time you’re in our Albion dealership! Connor and our team are always happy to assist you.

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