Torque Toyota’s Top tips for keeping your car clean and organised

January 21, 2021

With Aussies spending increasingly more time in their cars (a whopping average of 13,000km driving per year, to be precise), it’s no wonder they can become a breeding ground of empty water bottles and stray toys.

Whether you’re more Marie Kondo or clutterbug, you’ll love the efficiency of having a bit more organisation in your vehicle. So, if your car is starting to look a little like a bomb’s hit it – don’t worry, we’ve got you!

These are Torque Toyota’s top tips for keeping your car clean and organised.

  1. Rubbish bin – Always keep a small bin – or even just a plastic bag – in the car to gather up muesli bar wrappers, receipts and the likes each day and dispose of them. It’ll save you having to stumble upon any smelly surprises (like the – ahem – month-old apple core discovery we don’t speak of…)
  2. Phone holder – Not only is it against the law to touch your phone while driving, keeping it in a holder (such as this universal one that slips straight into your air vent) keeps things looking neat, and it means your phone calls, texts, GPS, music and podcasts are all safely within reach. Just DO NOT touch it while driving!
  3. Every time you leave, take something with you – Stinky gym sneakers still kicking about? A forgotten water bottle or two? Long-lost barbie doll? It takes just a few seconds to grab it and put it away before the dreaded build-up takes over.
  4. Use organisers – You can purchase special organisers like these to hang off the back of the front seats – or even modify a hanging shoe organiser – to store tablets, books, drink bottles, toys and all the other bits and pieces. Total game changer when it comes to a tidy car!
  5. Keep food contained – Ideally you would never eat food in your car, but hey – we’re realists. Avoid anything too crumbly or sloppy, and always, ALWAYS eat it from a container.
  6. Air freshener – It’s always useful to have a little spritz on hand, particularly if you have kids or pets. You can keep a spray freshener in your glove box or attach one to your vents, and Torque Toyota also offers an air conditioning service that not only fully sanitises your system, but keeps your car smelling fresh as a daisy.
  7. Wet wipes – These are great to have in a pickle, ranging from food and drink spillages, to bird poop, to urgent nappy changes. Go get ‘em before the stains set in!
  8. Plastic bag dispenser – How’s this nifty idea? Grab an old tissue box and feed a handful of plastic bags into it. Voila! You’ve now got a plastic bag dispenser that’s perfect for wet swimmers, dirty nappies and rubbish while you’re on the run.
  9. Cotton tips – Another good one to keep in the glove box, cotton tips are wonderful for cleaning right into those edges of your cup holders or other nooks and crannies that a regular cloth won’t reach. We’re all time poor, so if you can grab one to quickly clean out any gunk then chuck it in your car bin for disposal, you’re good to go!

We hope these tips are helpful. From all of us at Torque Toyota, we wish you a safe and clutter-free 2021 – starting with your vehicle!