How to Digital Detox Your Next Road Trip

November 30, 2020

If you’ve relied on digital devices to help get through long days at home with your kids over this challenging year, we guarantee you’re not the only one! But now we’re all back on the roads again, and with the Christmas holidays fast approaching, you might be interested in turning your car into a digital-free zone on your next adventure?

Whether it’s to wean your little ones off the ipad a little, to reconnect as a family, or for you to de-stress and disconnect from work – here are our tips on how to Digital Detox your next road trip.

  1. Rewards for going device-free.

Ever heard of the game where everyone at a table in a restaurant has to put their phone face-down on the table, and the first to pick it up has to shout everyone the meal? This can apply to road trips too. Get each family member to place their device in a dedicated basket in your car, develop a prizing system to reward those that leave theirs in it for the duration of the trip (or the longest period), and have some fun!

  1. The Jukebox gem.

This one’s an all-time favourite here! Create your own in-car Jukebox using YouTube, Spotify or similar, and rotate through family members so everyone gets a chance to choose their favourite songs to enjoy with the group. While it may involve a device to be connected to your in-car audio system, we say it still counts as a Detox because it’s centred around family engagement rather than being anti-social.

  1. Unplug amongst nature.

Nature offers the best inspiration for a Digital Detox, so choose travel destinations that lend themselves to activities such as surfing, swimming, bush walking, yoga and generally enjoying the great outdoors. It will do absolute wonders for helping your family unwind. 

  1. Encourage the kids to create a journal of your adventure.

We’re talking old school here. Buy the kids each a nice new notepad, special pens and other craft materials, and encourage them to get creative. They could also take photos to print and stick in their journal to make a beautiful keepsake of your trip.

  1. Reconnect with books and magazines.

Tight budget? No worries! Why not dust off that library card and stock up on books and magazines for your trip? It goes without saying, books are an incredible vehicle for kids to learn about the world in a tactile way – and with topics to interest all personality types.

  1. The art of conversation.

Instead of retreating in the evenings to scroll Facebook or watch Netflix alone, use this opportunity to really engage with and live in the moment together as a family. For example, each night, start a discussion about what everyone’s favourite part of the day was – and why. This daily reflection is a great one for teaching gratitude too.

From all of us at Torque Toyota, we hope these tips help you have a successful digital detox on your next road trip. And remember, if all else fails, you could always “accidentally” leave the kids’ chargers at home…