Are you Summer Ready? Get you vehicle into shape with Torque

October 24, 2019

Summer in Australia can only mean one thing: it’s road-trip season, and so many of us load up our cars and head north (or south, or anywhere) in search of quiet beaches or unspoiled campsites where we can while away the balmy evenings with a barbecue and touch of backyard cricket.

It’s fun to think about, isn’t it? What’s less fun to think about, though, is your vehicles safety maintenance, which ranks somewhere between dental appointments and jury duty on the “things I want to do” scale. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cars are not like that used to be, way back when even a seat-belt was a distant concept and an airbag was nothing more than a fancy name for your carry-on luggage, keeping your ride in tip top shape was a huge and constant job. Thankfully, times have changed, and these days even the cheapest new cars are packed with all kinds of high-tech equipment designed to do most of the safety work for you.

But that doesn’t mean your car couldn’t use a helping hand every now and again. So, before you set off on your sun-kissed summer road-trip, take a moment to tick off some simple safety checks with us.

  1. When was the last time you checked and changed your windscreen wipers?…with summer storm season coming, you don’t want to get caught out in the rain…
  2. Top up your windshield fluid…dirt, dust, bird poo and bugs are a nightmare on the windscreen… be ready for when you need it.
  3. Check, Test and Freshen your AC…. Riding around with dirty filters prevents fresh air from getting to your engine and your interior.
  4. Check your battery… If your battery is over three years old, get it tested, or it might be a good idea to get a new unit just as a preventative measure to avoid getting stuck in the unbearable heat.
  5. Is it time to get an oil change. … Oil quality and quantity has always been very important for the longevity of your engine; however, it is more important than ever with all new vehicle engines. Did you know the type of engine oil and the age of your engine oil can impact your vehicles fuel efficiency? Have your engine oil replaced with the correct specification and ensure you get the best performance and reliability while on your trip.
  6. Have you recently had a Wheel Alignment and your Tyres checked?… You’ll need to make sure your car’s wheels are correctly aligned. If they’re not, then your car won’t track in a straight line, increasing fatigue on the driver and will be less predictable when you’re going around corners, both of which are not great things on a road-trip.  To check if something is wrong, find a quiet road and gently hold the wheel straight. If you can feel your car pulling to either side, your wheels might be out of alignment. Likewise, if you feel an out-of-place vibration through the wheel on the Highway, or if there are obvious and unusual wear marks on the outside of the tyres on either side of the car, then a trip to Torque Toyota is in your future.
  7. While you’re in the moment, have a friend jump into the driver’s seat so you can check your headlights, brake lights and hazard lights are all working, too.
  8. Have a back up plan: Make sure you are covered by the right roadside assistance If you drive a large vehicle or plan on driving into remote areas, you may need extra towing allowance and access to other benefits, like free accommodation in the event of a breakdown. Pop past Torque Toyota, check in with one of our Business Managers to ensure you are covered.
  9. If you have not been working on your summer body? No we are not talking about, not renewing that gym memberships and pounding out kilometres on the treadmill. We mean the body of your car, which needs a little attention now and again, too.Before you head off on your road-trip, look for small chips in your windscreen (vibrations on a rough road can cause those tiny cracks to shatter the entire windscreen in a micro-second), and ensure any of your bumpers or skirting haven’t come loose from the body of the car.
  10. Final tip, is all this seems to be a little overwhelming, our team of Service Technicians at Torque Toyota are more than happy to help you ensure your vehicle is ready for those long roads ahead that await your life’s next big adventure. Book online or call us today on (07) 3384 5022.