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To lease or finance? That is the question

September 29, 2021

You’re probably aware that most car dealerships offer dealer financing – but did you know there is also a wide range of financial and other benefits to leasing a vehicle? It all depends on your lifestyle and budget, but we’re here to help guide you in making the decision that best suits your personal situation. Leasing vs. Financing: Let’s break it down… So, what exactly is a novated lease? A novated lease is a simple...

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The benefits of dealership financing – and why it could be a better choice than a bank

September 20, 2021

One of the many decisions you need to make when you’re in the market for a new car is how you’re going to finance it. For those of us not walking around with wads of spare cash in our back pockets, you may be curious about whether a bank loan or dealer financing might be the better option for you? We all have different needs and situations, so it pays to do your research. For...

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