How going hybrid can drive your business forward

June 28, 2021

Looking for a way to lower costs, increase productivity, and reduce the carbon footprint of your business? Not only is switching to hybrid vehicles a positive action for the future of your company, it can also boost morale and make for a happier, more productive team. Let us explain!

The key benefits to employing a fleet of hybrids for your business include:


Reduced maintenance costs

Toyota Hybrids cost around 30% less in ongoing maintenance than their petrol variants – and when you’re looking at fleets, those savings add up real fast. Why is this the case? Because hybrids have less wear and tear on parts like brake discs (thanks to regenerative braking) and tyres (due to more even weight distribution). They also only need to be serviced annually versus the 6-monthly servicing of their petrol cousins, and the hybrid battery can last a decade or more, just by following a simple, inexpensive maintenance schedule.

Increased fuel efficiency

The Toyota Hybrid System has the unique ability to recycle kinetic energy that is wasted by regular cars, with technology that senses the driving situation and engine demand, telling the car when to switch between petrol and electric power, and when to combine both for maximum fuel efficiency. The result is almost halving your petrol consumption. You do the sums there!

Stamp duty discounts

In Queensland, when you purchase a hybrid vehicle you pay a reduced stamp duty of $2 per $100 up to $100,000, and $4 per $100 value thereafter, compared to up to $6 per $100 for higher pollutant vehicles.


Maximise your employees’ time

Given the less frequent servicing schedule and 50% reduction in petrol consumption, that’s far less time your employees are off the road for maintenance or refueling, and the more time they can dedicate to helping your business grow.


Maximum performance

The modern hybrid offers a perfect combination of fuel efficiency and performance, thanks largely to the power and torque advantages of the electric motor. In fact it’s such a pleasant and seamless driving experience that studies have found over 80% of people feel less stress, anger and frustration, and more calm and happy in a hybrid car, as opposed to a non-hybrid.


Low emissions

We’re all looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and hybrid vehicle technology is the first step in leading the way to a greener future. Yes, hybrids still require some fuel, but it’s significantly less than a traditional car so that’s a massive reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethical responsibility

When your employees are out on the road, they’re a strong reflection of your business’ values. A hybrid fleet makes an important statement that you care about the environment, and you’re leading the way towards a more sustainable future.


Got further questions on how hybrid vehicles can benefit you and your business? Our team of experts are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Drop in or call us today.