All the Benefits and Options in Hybrid

June 7, 2021

Noticed the increase in hybrids on the roads these days? From personal use vehicles, to taxis, to fleets and ride shares – there’s a very good reason they’re everywhere! Hybrid technology is refined, economical, offers maximum performance, and low emissions, so – I mean, really, why wouldn’t you?

Toyota currently has eight hybrid models in its range, and a whopping 12 million Toyota Hybrid cars sold globally to date. By 2025, it’s anticipated that all Toyota models will feature a hybrid version.

So, what is it about these petrol-electric powertrains that’s got tongues wagging and engines (oh so smoothly) humming? And what options are there for those thinking about converting?

Let us break it all down for you.


An optimal balance of performance and economy

Originally, hybrids were primarily designed for fuel efficiency and being eco-friendly. Today’s Toyota Hybrid models still are, but after decades of technological progress they also offer maximum performance – thanks largely to the power and torque advantages of the electric motor. It’s smart and reliable technology that senses the driving situation and engine demand, then automatically tells the car when to switch between petrol and electric power, or when to combine both for maximum fuel efficiency.

Saves you precious time

The Toyota Hybrid System’s combination of a battery-powered electric motor and petrol engine means you use around half as much petrol as a standard vehicle. If you’re time poor (and who isn’t) we guarantee you’ll love spending 50% less time stopping to refuel at the petrol station! Further, hybrids only require servicing every 12 months, as opposed to the 6-monthly schedule of their petrol cousins. Thinking about what you could do with all that spare time yet?

A seamless driving experience

Hybrids are super simple to drive – in fact it’s no different to driving a standard vehicle, so you’ve already got all the knowledge and skills in place before you get behind the wheel. The refined hybrid system makes the engine purr like a kitten, so much so in fact that you’ll need your dashboard light to alert you when the car’s on and ready for take off.

Saves you money

It’s estimated that Australian motorists who bought a Toyota Hybrid vehicle in 2020 will make a combined savings of more than $11 million in running costs. From reduced petrol costs, to halving your servicing requirements, to less wear and tear on your brake pads, cheaper maintenance costs, the longevity of a hybrid battery… need we go on? Bottom line is, you only pay around $1500-2500 more for a hybrid version of a Toyota vehicle, but you make that back quickly, and the savings just continue from there.


All Toyota Hybrids feature all the latest Toyota Safety Sense technology, so you can rest knowing you and your family is in safe hands on the road.

You’re doing your part for a sustainable future

Thanks to the dramatically reduced petrol requirements, Aussies who purchased a Toyota Hybrid last year are estimated to prevent approximately 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) entering the atmosphere in 2021. Now, that’s no mean feat!

So now you know the benefits going hybrid can bring, what are your options?

Just this month we introduced our eighth member to the Torque Toyota Hybrid family, the All-new Kluger Hybrid – offering larger families all the space, comfort, refinement and versatility of a seven-seater SUV, while still being kind to the environment.

The rest of our hybrid range includes the RAV4, Camry, Corolla Sedan and Hatch, Yaris, Yaris Cross, C-HR and Prius V, and you can check them all out here.

Will you join us in racing toward a sustainable future? Drop in or call our team today if we can help you learn more.