MEET THE TEAM: North Lakes Sales Consultant, Amy Mawn

April 6, 2021

Here at Torque Toyota, we pride ourselves on being one big family – and that is inclusive of our staff and our guests!

Amy Mawn is one of the first team members you may get to know when you walk into our North Lakes dealership, where she’s been our Sales Consultant for almost eight years. We guess you could call Amy the ‘connector’ as, from that first moment on, you are welcomed into the Torque Toyota family for the entire Toyota vehicle ownership journey!

Since she owned her very first car, a 1986 Toyota Celica, through to today – as the proud owner of a 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser – Amy’s passion for Toyota shines through in all she does. And our guests are the lucky ones who can benefit from her wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to our vehicles.

We caught up with Amy to get a bit of insight to what a day in the life of a Torque Toyota Sales Consultant is really like.

 Hi Amy, tell us a bit about what you do here at Torque Toyota as a Sales Consultant?

 Amy: Each day is very chaotic, but in a good way! Haha. It is lovely getting to know new people as they walk into the dealership and discovering how our product can bring them joy in their purchase. Usually once we talk about the benefits that Toyota brings, the rest of the transaction falls into place and it’s resulted in loyal guests with Torque Toyota.

 What do you enjoy the most about your job?

 Amy: Meeting new people and the constant changes that our role brings. There is never a day that is the same and we always have a laugh in our office with the great team.

I have met many valuable people along my career with guests often giving great life advice and sharing personal stories that have brought both joy and tears.

Do you have any tips for customers heading to a dealership with intention to buy? 

 Amy: We have the same end goal of giving you the best experience possible. Work with us to achieve that!

 What do you love most about your 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser?

Amy: What’s not to love, it basically sells itself!

What was your first job?

Amy: Working at Woolies.

Do you have a secret talent?

Amy: The only thing that comes to mind is being able to read a room!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Amy: RELAX & UNWIND! Sales can be a demanding job. I love spending time with my family and my lovely pets.

Who’s your office best buddy, and why?

 Amy: Our Car Care Consultant, Jessica Lynch. She is the most passionate, driven and empathetic person I’ve met in my whole life, with a personality that lights up the room. Absolute gem.

Can you tell us a bit about how you and the team like to have fun at work?

Amy: We will often give each other challenges throughout the day to keep things fun. These could include introducing each other to guests as our nicknames. For example, our Sales Manager, Mark Fergusson, would be introduced as Fergalicious!

Make sure you say hi to Amy (and Fergalicious) the next time you’re in our North Lakes dealership! Our team love meeting you and helping you with all your Toyota needs.