Don’t leave home without it! Your list of Easter road trip essentials

March 17, 2021

Anyone else excited about the upcoming Easter break? We may not be able to travel internationally, but we can still hit the road for a nice long weekend getaway. Oh, what a feeling!

If you’re thinking about road tripping these holidays with the family or a group of friends, we’ve got just the list you need. Don’t leave home without our list of essential road trip items.

Here is what you need:

  1. A magnetic phone mounts for your mobile phone, like this one.

Why? To keep your GPS, entertainment, and comms safely close by and out of your hands of course.

  1. An insulated drink bottle.

Hot coffee and chilled water – need we say more?

  1. A torch.

Don’t be left stumbling around in the dark trying to set up tents or find the toilet.

  1. A hat, sunscreen and sunnies.

The Aussie sun is only getting harsher – and it’s not just summer you need to worry about. It’s really never been more important to slip, slop, slap.

  1. Mozzie repellent.

You never know where or when those suckers are going to strike! If you like to streamline things, why not take a handy combination of sunscreen/mosquito repellent like this one.

  1. This cool little picnic table.

A safe place for cheese, and no more wine spillage, woo hoo!

  1. An audible subscription.

So you can get in some road-safe reading time on your journey (and if you’re after book recommendations, some of our team are loving these ones at the moment: Trent Dalton’s ‘All Our Simmering Skies’, Jay Shetty’s ‘Think Like a Monk’Matthew Reilly Seven Ancient Wonders and Is this Anything? Jerry Seinfeld)

  1. Snacks

Because who doesn’t love snacks? And most importantly, no more hangry driver or passengers.

  1. Tissues.

Often forgotten but very essential when you’re on the road.

  1. Wet wipes.

Take it up a notch and stock up on these lifesavers too. Their list of uses is literally endless.

  1. A pillow.

Passengers – feel like you’re floating on a fluffy white cloud for those oh-so-cosy long drive naps.

  1. Chewing gum.

Great for early morning departures where you may have – erm – forgotten to brush your teeth (surely that’s not just us?).

  1. A medical-grade first aid kit.

Because safety first.

  1. Waterproof bags.

For putting wet cozzies and towels in post-beach. No fancy bags? No problem – a stash of the Coles plastic variety will do the trick.

  1. Jumper cables.

It’s Murphy’s Law – if you have them, you won’t need them. Just don’t get caught without them…

  1. Headphones.

To spare the driver and other passengers from your quirky taste in music!

  1. A power bank.

Avoid the anxiety of that dreaded red battery light flashing right when you need your phone the most. Keep your power portable.

Worried you might forget something important? You may have worked out that we’re big fans of LISTS around here, so our tip? Keep a running list and cross them off one by one prior to your departure.

Oh, and remember – the beauty of staying closer to home means that anything you do happen to forget, shouldn’t be too tricky to find in the shops!


Happy trails.