Torque Toyota’s Top Five Must Have Car Apps

December 22, 2020

With Aussies embarking on local road trips now more than ever, it’s a great time to get up to speed with the best and most convenient apps to use in your car.

From navigation to car maintenance, to education and entertainment – you name it, there’s an app for it all. We’ve consulted our Torque Toyota team, and here are the apps on everyone’s must-download list. Happy app-ing!

For a challenge – Quizz Land

What better way to spend those hours on the road than learning something new? This one is funnnn for trivia-lovers of all ages: An intellectual quiz game to test your IQ and general knowledge.

The game takes you through trivia mazes, and you must complete each level by finding the exit in the maze. Go around the car taking turns answering each question – even the driver can get involved (just make sure they keep their eyes planted on the road… designated reader, anyone?).

With questions filtered by difficulty, and a detailed explanation for every answer, we guarantee you’ll be just that little bit smarter by the time you reach your destination.

For navigation – Waze

This one’s been around for a while now, but it’s one of our faves. Real-time alerts for traffic congestion, crashes and other hazards on your planned route mean you can safely change to an alternate route suggested by the app, making it to your destination quicker.

You can also link your favourite entertainment apps to Waze and listen to music or podcasts while you drive. Plus, it’ll even point you in the direction of the cheapest petrol stations on your route. What a winner!

For podcasts – iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is Australia’s #1 podcast publisher, offering something for literally everyone with podcast topics covering entertainment and lifestyle, news, business, finance and much more. There are too many for us to mention, but just a couple of recommendations from our team include:

  1. For a good laugh – From legendary comedian Will Ferrell comes The Ron Burgundy Podcast. For this podcast, Will has reprised his role as newsreader Ron Burgundy from the hit movie Anchorman for a hilarious series of conversations with notable people that – in true Burgundy fashion – go completely off the rails.
  2. For the perfect combo of education and entertainment – Stuff You Should Know. This one dissects intriguing topics ranging from whether zombies exist to how to save money, and really makes you come out of each episode feeling smarter!

For musicSpotify

Without a doubt Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps, allowing you to collate your playlists, save your favourite artists and discover new music and other entertainment. Their premium service also now includes a smarter recommendation algorithm that learns your tastes and gets better the more you listen.

Spotify is also integrated with Waze and Google Maps, meaning navigating the roads will be a breeze with your favourite tunes accompanying you.

For Toyota owners – myToyota

This free app is a one-stop shop for any Toyota owner. Not only is it a super handy way to communicate with your local dealership and book in a service; it offers a comprehensive service history and schedule for your Toyota vehicle via your own digital logbook, enables you to reach out to the Toyota Australia support network for help with any enquiry, plus offers fuel discounts along with many other rewards – and all simply for owning a Toyota.

Are there any other car apps you’re loving at the moment? Let our team know next time you’re in, we’re always keen to stay up to date on any tech that compliments the driving experience!