How your car can keep you busy (and sane) during self-isolation

April 8, 2020

If, like us, you’re going a little loco spending all this extra (but very important!) time at home, you’re probably looking for ideas on how to keep busy and entertained. Remember, you don’t need to stick to inside your house – why not get out into the fresh air (even if it’s just your yard or driveway) and involve your vehicle too?

Once you’ve exhausted the lego towers, pantry reorganisation and DIY projects, and when work and home schooling are done for the day, step outside and try one of these ideas:

Turn your car into a Drive-In Cinema

Who cares if you’re just parked in your yard? Push those back seats down, add pillows, blankets, popcorn and beverages, and binge on your favourite films or series. Watching on a projector system is great if you have the facilities, otherwise even just on the ipad or laptop. Happy viewing!

Get the kids involved with washing the car

You may be surprised at how efficient their eager little hands can be! Fill a big, soapy bucket, blast your favourite music, lather up those sponges and get to work. It can be fun family activity, and your ride will be shiny new in no time.

Give your car some TLC

If you’re handy mechanically, now could be a good time to give your vehicle a service and oil change, an interior vacuum, wash and wax, and even a full DIY car detailing. Our Torque Toyota dealerships in North Lakes and Albion are also business-as-usual for all of your car servicing and maintenance needs. We’re taking extra precautions to keep our staff and customers safe, including:

  • Extra hygienic practices such as regular hand sanitisation for staff and customers, strict procedures with regular sanitisation of our dealerships throughout each day, a no-handshake zone, and replacing all reusable items with single use.
  • Full sanitisation of every vehicle before and after servicing, using Medi-Max, a TGA-approved antibacterial agent.
  • In accordance with Australian Government advice, reminding all staff of self-isolation requirements.

Catch up on those car projects you’ve been putting off

Who has time for all those niggly little tasks? One member of our team admits she still hasn’t found the time to simply hook her phone up to her car audio system… in the car she bought over a year ago. We know, we know… but now’s a perfect time to get those types of things sorted so your vehicle is raring to go once we can all be back in action again.

Got a teen learning to drive? Clock up some miles

If your teen is at the stage of learning to drive – now’s a great time to clock up those log book miles – sticking to the local streets and inside the car of course.

Hit the local drive thru for coffee or lunch

This is a great way to support the local economy while still maintaining social distancing. Just try to stick to healthy food where possible (our health and wellbeing is critical at the moment), and make sure you either prepay or pay with a tap and go to minimise personal contact.

We’re all in this together! From all of us here at Torque Toyota we hope you and your family stay safe, happy and healthy during this time. Call us today if our team can assist with any of your Toyota queries.