New Year’s Resolutions: Make your wheels a priority for 2020

February 5, 2020

New year, new you… Am I right? January is that time when many of us like to start fresh with an ambitious list of New Year’s Resolutions. So, why should your vehicle miss out on the TLC?

As we start the new decade, there’s never been a better time to make your wheels a priority. We’ve got all the tips to help extend your car’s life, save you money, and even just look and smell so good you’ll want to drive your way through 2020!

How to extend the life of your car and save money

Regular servicing and oil changes.

Fact: Foregoing regular servicing and routine maintenance of your vehicle will cost you more money in repairs in the long run. Ultimately, it reduces the life span of your car and you could be faced with having to cut your losses and replace it much sooner than you’d like. Find your local manufacturer service center and stick with them – regularly.

Get savvy with your self-maintenance.

For some, it can be daunting to learn your way around a vehicle, but if you devote just a little time to reading your owner’s manual, asking the experts for advice, you’ll be well on the way to saving yourself from expensive emergency repairs. Regularly check your tyre pressure and condition as well as your air and pollen filter, oils and lubricants (would recommend leaving that to the experts), and be consistent with top ups and replacements. Inspect your wipers regularly and use them routinely (even just spraying and wiping the windscreen several times a week) to avoid build-up of harmful debris.

Stay on top of repairs.

Don’t ignore that flashing light or turn the music up and pretend you can’t hear those screeching brakes. If you notice something is a bit off, get it checked out straight away. Putting off repairs can result in further damage to your vehicle – and your hip pocket.

Store your vehicle in the garage.

Your car’s paint will thank you for this protection from the elements, plus it’s much safer in terms of avoiding theft or damage caused by other vehicles. If you don’t have a garage, make use of shade and other undercover areas wherever possible.

Consider upgrades that will enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Depending on your make and model, modifications that could be worth considering include:

  • Invest in high-performance tyres suited to your vehicle. For example, lighter tyres will mean your shocks and springs won’t have to work as hard to keep them planted on the road, resulting in more responsive handling.
  • Increase tyre pressure in your tyres, as this can give you a longer life and better fuel economy, however it is worth noting it may make your car drive differently as well on the road.

Drive safely.

You know the story about the hare and the tortoise? Slow and steady wins the race, and this applies to driving too. Erratic driving will only increase the stress on your vehicle’s components, wearing them out faster. Observing speed limits, avoid potholes and objects on the road, and being conscious of the curb while parking. Consolidate short driving trips as much as possible too, as most wear-and-tear takes place in the first few minutes of driving.

Take pride in your appearance.

Not only will washing and waxing your car regularly keep it looking shiny and new, it will protect the finish from the sun, dirt, rust and other potential hazards. We recommend washing your vehicle every week or two where possible, and waxing at least three to four times a year to maintain shine and colour and prevent scratches. Use appropriate cleaning products for your interiors to prevent issues like cracked leather and scratched dashboards. Torque Toyota also offer a full car detailing products at a competitive price, for that extra bit of TLC your car will love you for!

Make friends with your owner’s manual, and follow the maintenance schedule.

Your owner’s manual offers a plethora of useful information specific to your vehicle, so take advantage of it. Follow the recommended schedule to avoid costly problems that could arise with your cooling system, timing belt, suspension and other components, and to ensure you get the full benefits of your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our friendly Torque Toyota team are always here to help, so feel free to reach out if we can assist with getting your vehicle in tip top shape for 2020 and beyond.